Riki Bishop resides in a small town in Indiana with her husband and step-daughter. She has two dogs -Brownie and Troy- and is trying to convince her husband to let her get more. If she's not working as a Home Health Aid, you can find her sitting at her computer, lost in the world of her own creations, or reading a book. 


She writes fast-paced romance books with steam. She's always loved to read the fast-paced romance because she's just not patient enough to wait until the last minute for the couple to fall in love. Other than the romance, she loves the steamy parts of the books she reads. So, she writes how she likes to read. Everyday she adds a new idea to the list of books she wants to write. It's a never ending list that she's very proud to have come up with. All of her books have a Happily Ever After, but not all of them are sunshine and rainbows. She's been working on some that deal with addiction, abuse, and of course, there's always a problem that keeps the couples apart.


She doesn't have a specific theme that she writes about. She's got some shifter books, motorcycle club books, and many more.