The Survivors

Published on 5 August 2021 at 15:08

As I was working on book three of the Broken Angels, MC series, an idea came to me. I don't really go into detail of what it was like for the women to grow up and what they had endured. This series is about their life before they met the men in their lives. Except for Aliana. Her story is about getting away from the MC and finding her own way through life. Each story is different, but I wanted to get that little bit of intel on what it was like before the women got with the men. 


As time goes on in the series, and the others to follow, I plan to write a book about their lives before coming together. I want my readers to have that background information that doesn't get all the details that are in their books. It's one thing to get an idea of what they went through, but why not experience it with them?



Riki B.

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