Update on Axyl

Published on 30 July 2021 at 15:00

I recently went back over the first book of the Broken Angels, MC series. I was in the middle of writing the second book, Reaper, when I realized that the timeline was all messed up. So, I went back and reworked it. I republished it on Amazon through eBook, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback. When I went to look at the reviews, there was one that made me looking to see if it even uploaded. To my horror, it didn't, but I went back and added the manuscript once again. Once it was cleared, I checked and made sure that it was the correct version. It was. 

I'm not sure how to let people know on my Amazon page, but it is the updated and edited version. This series has become my baby. My pride and joy and I want nothing but perfection for it. The first time I went through the old version, I was listening to music and that was my first mistake. I thought I found all the errors, but I didn't. I thought I could concentrate on editing while listening to music, but I couldn't fully concentrate on my reading. I hate when I read a book with a lot of errors, so I try my hardest to make sure my books don't have any. However, I am human. I'm a broke white bitch that has to edit her work herself. 

Thanks for listening to my babble...if you're even here, but I hope you are. 


Riki B.


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