Published on 4 September 2021 at 00:39

I'm currently working on Westyn. It's going a bit slower than I would like, but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to start it. I finally figured it out and am going to let my brain run away with what it wants the story to be like. That's normally what happens towards the end of the books I write. Westyn is one of the books I was looking most forward to writing. Brighton is a bigger girl. She's not skinny. She's what people would call fat. I relate to this character the most because I've known her struggle. I feel that you write better when you feed off of your own experiences. So, there's the update on Westyn. I'm hoping to have it out by mid-September.


Now, I've had some comments about the first chapter of Trigger and how they didn't make it past the first chapter because they said it didn't match up. You won't know what happens, or how to make sense of it until you read on past the first chapter. I've had some people complaining about prices. You don't have to buy a copy. I'm not expecting you to. I have it available on Kindle Unlimited to read for free as long as you have a membership. Now, I'm not saying anything bad about these comments. I love the feedback. However, I am trying to make a living. I have bills to pay like the rest of the people in the world. I'm trying to make writing into my career and not just a hobby. 


Thank you all for reading. If you read this. I'm not sure if anyone does read this. Or even look at my website, but if you do. I love you all and appreciate your support more than anything. 



Riki B.

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