Halloween Edition

Published on 28 October 2021 at 12:03

I originally had it set up to have Westyn and Ghost done before Halloween. I have a holiday edition for Halloween that I wanted to get published on Halloween, but that isn't going to happen. However, it will happen. I'm halfway done with Westyn and then I'll start on Haunted Angels. It will be available on Amazon when finished, but I don't think I'm putting it on Kindle Unlimited. I'm unsure on that as of yet. I'm excited for this book though. I have some ideas. 

It will talk about Ghost and his ol' lady, but it won't give any details about Ghost's book. None that will involve any spoilers. I'm also debating on if I want to do this book in the third person, or multiple POVs. I'd ask for advice, but I don't think anyone really reads these and until I know otherwise, I'll keep wasting my time and posting blog posts. 


Riki B.

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