Slow Progress

Published on 4 April 2022 at 20:26

Hello lovelies! 

I know, it's been a while...again, but I've been super busy. I'm trying to get my time management under control. I've never been good with time management, but I'm trying. I'm just now getting into a groove with my finances and now it's time to get the previous done. I appreciate each and every one of you who support me in this. 

The past three days, I've been dealing with a migraine, so I've not been doing much at all. I've been lying in bed when I haven't been going to work. I have to write in my off time since I have a day job. I just wanted to stop by and say 'hey' and let you know that even though progress is slow, I'm still working on writing. I'm also going over the edits of Ghost so I can get it published. 

Thank you all of your support. 


Riki B.

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