Taming The Blast

Cane has never seen himself as the settling down type, but all it takes is one chance meeting and everything changes. He's known as the playboy of his club. Being President doesn't give him much time to hold a relationship. Then again, he's never met the right woman to hold his attention enough to try. That is, until her.


One night is all it takes to change Daniella's life. Being forced to go out with her friends turns out to be one of the best, and worse, nights of her life. She met the man of her dreams, but too bad she'll never see him again. Now, she's stuck with the outcome of her one night stand alone. Without the man who played a big part in creating something so special and unexpected. Until he tracks her down that is. 

Second Chances

He lost his wife five years ago and hasn't wanted to move on. He wasn't ready. At least he got his daughter out of it, but she has to go through test after test, treatment after treatment. He only has enough time to focus on his daughter first and club second. Troy Langston wanted nothing but his wife back and his daughter healthy. He feels hopeless.  Then she shows up.


Being a Pediatric Oncologist, comes with its ups and downs. It's highs and lows. The best part is when a patient beats their cancer, the worst part is when they don't. The in between isn't that great either. She has a special place in her heart for all of her patients. Kate Bentley is only a year into her job after she completed residency. Then she meets him and things change, but are the for the better or worse?