Book One: Axyl

“Oh, baby girl, the first time I’m with you, I won’t be married, and you won’t be black and blue.” -Axyl to Aliana; Broken Angels, MC Book One


After he chose someone else, I decided to leave the biker scene. I should have known that I'd never truly be able to get out. He made sure of that. Now, I'm running from him and who better to protect you from the monsters of the world that your family?


Being the Vice President of the Broken Angels, MC can be just as taxing as being the President. Especially when the one woman he has always loved happens to be the Presidents sister. Now she's back and she's running from someone. I'll be there to protect her at any cost. 

Book Two: Reaper

"He’s fully became the Reaper and only two people have been able to get him out of that place." - Hannah; Broken Angels, MC Book Two


He's been ready to settle down for a while now and it was just solidified when she walked into the door of the clubhouse. He's lonely and he wants her. He'll stop at nothing to make her his and make sure she's safe from the demons that arise from her past. 


She wasn't looking for anything serious. She was burned in the worst way possible. She wanted to concentrate on her clinic she opened with her best friend. Seeing him all those years ago, changed everything and now he will stop at nothing to make her his. Even facing the demons from her past.  

Book Three: Trigger

“Oh, baby girl, that’s where you’re wrong. You are mine. I’m claiming you as mine. I’ll wait until you’re ready, but make no mistake, you are my ol’ lady.” -Trigger to Alanis; Broken Angels, MC Book Three.


He was in love once, but on the day he was going to ask her to marry him, he never got the chance. It was the day of their high school graduation, but she never showed. He tired to get in contact with her for months and then he was told she had passed away. He was devastated and has never found love again. He has walls up and no one can penetrate them. Or so he thinks. 


Being a teen mother isn't easy, especially when the father would rather follow his dreams than step up. After raising her daughter on her own from a young age, she managed to make it through everything. Taking a job with the Broken Angels, MC as their new accountant, she uproots her life with her fifteen-year-old daughter in tow. 

Book Four: Westyn

"She's coming and she won't go down without getting what she wants.  I'll get you back when she comes. Do your best to stay alive." - Hannah to Brighton and the family.


He's the President of the Broken Angels, MC. It's not an easy task, but he loves the club and it's members. He's watched his brothers settle down and he's wanting to do the same. He can't just have any woman. He needs someone that's strong enough to lead. She will be the Queen after all. When he meets her, he sees what she doesn't in herself and he's going to do anything in his power to make her see it. 


She's the daughter of the mayor. She's also at the butt of everyone's fat jokes. You'd think that being that mayors daughter would keep you from getting bullied, but it doesn't. Just because she's overweight, everyone things that it's okay to put her down. Self-doubt will always be her enemy and it seems to always with the war raging within her mind. That is, until he comes along. 

Book Five: Ghost

You may be an ‘assassin’, a crappy one at that, but you’re not Shadow Angel because you see, I am. - Maci to Bridget

One was raised to be a killer and the other was raised believing she lost everything.

When Shadow Angel is caught, she's taken to a facility for help and that's where everything changes. She's not who she was told she was, who everyone believed her to be. They were both lied to when they were five, but the truth is about to come out.

The Supremacy is out for vengeance, and no one is safe from their wrath. Lives are lost, families are destroyed, but there is always hope for how things will turn out in the end.

He's not sure what possessed him to claim her, but he did. He let them believe he claimed her as his, but that wasn't the case. He finds out why when he walks into her office though. That's when everything changes. Will they be able to come out on top, or will they be bested?

Book Six: Griller

I may have been in a shitty situation, but I’m not a weak woman, I never have been. I didn’t fight my way through living with my mom, through what Brian had out me through because of his sister just to be taken down by this. ~Violet to Braxton


While chasing a lead on Kelsey, he found the girl that made his world stop. She was kept captive by the same people who had Kelsey. He brings her home, not expecting the ol' lady drama to start so soon, but some things never change. 


She never knew her father. She knew who he was, but she never got to meet him. He doesn't know anything about her and her mother wanted it to stay that way. Why? She isn't sure, but she's going to find out. The day she turned eighteen, she took off in search of her father. Who knew hitching a ride from a friend would make her plans go off the rails.

Book Seven: Doc

Quote Coming Soon.


He's the clubs medic and their backup enforcer. When Hannah asks for his advice about one of her patients he's intrigued. In his line of work, he's seen plenty abuse situations. He's the first to volunteer when the club is asked to help with Hannah's patient. He's never been this invested in a woman. Especially one he hasn't ever met. 


She's been abused by the man that took a vow to protect her. TO love her through everything. It's the same thing every night. He comes home, beats her, and then goes to bed. She's been to the new clinic so many times since it's been open she should have a membership. She needs to get out now more than ever. She has her baby to think about now. 

Book Eight: Ink


He grew up with abusive, drug addicted parents. The club saved his life when he ran away at twelve. Being taken in by Reapers parents was one of the best things that has happened to him. What he doesn't expect is to find out his family isn't really his family. He doesn't expect to find out that his whole life has been a lie and that something happened when he was born. 


She's always been invisible. Being hidden in her sisters shadow. She was able to get away without anyone noticing. That's the good thing about not being seen. That is until her family needs someone to blame. She's scarred from being her family's scape goat, but he doesn't care. He sees her like no one ever has and if she's not careful, she'll get used to it. 

Book Nine: Snoopy

Quote Coming Soon


He's always found in his 'lair'. Nine times out of ten, if you need him, you'll find him in his room with his computers. It's what he's good at. He's the best at what he does, but there is one person that is almost as good at him and he intends to make her his. 


She's one of the best hackers in the world. She's also the hacker for the Mason Family Mafia. She's the best, well almost. There's one person that is better than her, but she makes sure to give him a run for his money.