Haunted Angels

It's Halloween at the Broken Angels clubhouse and the ol' ladies have a different plan to spend it. Take the kids trick or treating then drop them off with the sitter. Then, it's time for the adults to play. What could possibly go wrong?


Getting separated from each other is the least of the couples' problems. The ol' ladies are rethinking their plans. Meanwhile, the men are going crazy trying to get back to their women. 


Look out for what goes bump in the night, especially during a full moon on Halloween.

A Twisted Thanksgiving

Things never seem to go smoothly for the BAMC. If it's not one thing, it's another, and this holiday proves to hold the tradition going. Someone is out to destroy the club, but they have yet to figure it out. An old enemy comes back, turning a family evening into a twisted game. At least this time they have backup, but will it be enough? Will they catch the enemy that has evaded them? 

A Merry Broken Christmas

It wouldn't be a normal holiday in the Broken Angels clubhouse without a little drama would it? 


The women are missing and it's up to the men to find them. Will they get to them before time runs out? Will the women find their own way out? Will they finally find out the person who is behind all of this? Can it finally end? All the trouble that has been hitting the club, can it finally be put behind them?