Bexley's Escape

Kidnapped at sixteen while walking home from school. 

Taken away from everyone and everything she loves for one man's selfish needs.

One chance to get free after six years of suffering. 


I've been kept with these people for six years. I was taken from my life that I loved. I was taken from my friends and my family. Forced to suffer though the torture brought on by a man who is sick and twisted in the head. Forced to suffer through the torture brought on by that man's significant other. The decision of two people cost me more than just my sanity. 

They cost me everything.

Harllow's Struggle

One night changed her life. 

One "accident" changed her future. 


I had just finished my first semester at Harvard when I got the call that changed my entire life. My parents were killed in an accident one night while driving home from a company party. I had to go home and take care of my five siblings. I flew back across the country as fast as I could and made decisions that no child should have to make about their parents. 

Needing a fresh start, I packed our lives up and moved to a little town in Wyoming. I couldn't stay in the same town that my parents were killed. I couldn't let my siblings stay in a place that once held great memories, only held sorrow. I made an executive decision and moved us all. 

However, it seems as if the accident wasn't really an accident. It was a murder, and that murderer is still at large. That murderer is hunting us all. 

Trying to pick us off one by one. I won't let him. I'll do anything to keep my family safe. No matter what.

Fiona's Secret

Being the daughter of a well known murderer isn't something she wanted attached to her. She changed her name and moved away. A fresh start and a big secret. What could go wrong? She's just hoping it doesn't come to light before she's ready for it to. She wants to be known for her, not for who her mother is. However, secrets are meant to come out and when they do, nothing is safe. 

Saving Camilla

Forced to stay in a world where men are in control. She couldn't get away with her friend, no matter how much she wanted to. Forced to marry the man picked out for her, she thought it couldn't be any worse than living with her father, but she was wrong. A once in a million run in with an old friend saves her life, but at what cost? There are so many women and children left behind. She has to do something, and that something could cost her everything.

Avalon in Hiding

Witnessing a crime that she shouldn't' have, has Avalon in witness protection. Forced to go into hiding alone. Forced into a new place without knowing anyone. It's a necessary evil. Life and death. She was just walking home when everything changed. The wrong place at the wrong time, or so she thought. When the people who want her dead close in on her location, can the new people in her life keep her safe, or will the go down with her?

Runaway Allegra

Not every life is as it seems. You can grow up with the richest of all people, but never know love. you can grow up with the poorest of all people and know unconditional love. Never judge a book by its cover. On the run, away from those who were supposed to be her family. Being filed as a missing person puts a strain on everything. Considered a runaway makes hiding the truth harder. Then she meets them. The people that will become her new family. They'll help her. She'll no longer have to run. To get to the rainbow, you must weather the storm first.