Valor: Book One


One night. That's all it was supposed to be. That's not what happened though. Two pink lines has a one night thing turn into a lifetime commitment. When she finds out she's pregnant, she goes to the compound where his family is. Everyone knows where to find the Broken Angels kids. One visit changes everyone's lives.


He had to let her go. He couldn't ask her to wait around for him knowing his job isn't always promised he'll come home. He settled for one night with his soulmate. On his deployment, he's captured. He knows he'll be considered MIA and eventually presumed dead. At least he'll have that one night to look back on.

Fight for what you love because tomorrow is never promised.

Undercover Stripper: Book Seven


As soon as she walks into the strip club, she curses her brother to the moon and back. He needed someone on the inside and she was his best bet. She's not comfortable enough in her own skin to be dancing on a pole, but she'll do anything for her brother. He stepped up and raised her when their parents died. She wanted to get in and out. Get the information her brother needed for his case and go back to her normal, boring life. That all changes when she locks eyes with him though. 


He didn't want to be there, but his best friend was getting married. What does every man want before they tie the knot? A bachelor party with strippers, so there he sits watching his friends go crazy over the girls. He's not interested in any of it. Until she walks on stage. They lock eyes and he's filled with anger. Anger because she's about to show a room full of people her body. A body that should only be his to look at. 

Sometimes not being boring is the way to go.

Save Me: Book Nine


She's always wanted what her parents had, but that dream is ripped away from her. Everything changes in a split second. One minute she's walking to her car and the next she's being thrown in the back of a van. Gone without a trace. No one will find her, she knows this, so she has to find the courage to save herself. 


He's been a patrol officer for ten years. He's been working to catch the group that has been taking young women in the middle of the night. One case brings him many leads that he didn't have before. The group messed up when they took her. He will get her back and when he does, she'll be his. He's not wasting another moment fighting his feelings for her. 

Hope is the one thing that is stronger than fear.

Mockingbird: Book Eleven


She's never been the pretty one of her siblings. She's never been noticed by anyone other than her family. She was the one that her classmates would mock and make fun of, but only when the older kids weren't around. She's gone through life perfecting how to look happy, but on the inside she's slowly giving up. 


She's beautiful, but doesn't see it. Each time he sees her in his office her eyes are a little less bright. He wants to know everything about her. He wants to know why she's not asking for help. He can see her inner turmoil, but she always has a smile on her face. She doesn't fool him, but it seems that she does others. He makes his move, but is it too late to save her from herself?

"It's a sin to kill a Mockingbird"

~Atticus to Jem; To Kill A Mockingbird~

Phoenix: Book Thirteen


Broken hearted and a newly single mother. She gave five years of her life to the man she thought she would spend forever with. She gave him all of her; heart, body, and soul. What was it all for? Now she's alone with a three-year-old and a newborn. With no other choice, she attempts to move forward. 


He was happy with his life. He never thought anything was missing. He is successful in his career, he has his larger than life family, and he's just all around happy. That is until the blue-eyed woman walks into his life. He knows that his future is going to change as soon as they lock eyes, but is he ready for the whirlwind that is her life?

The phoenix always rises from its ashes. 

Coming Home: Book Fourteen


Her parents always told her when growing up that she was perfect for Hollywood. As soon as graduation comes, she takes off to find herself and live her dream of becoming an actress. She quickly climbed her way to the top, and now is one of the greatest. She gives it all up and flees back home when the man she loves tosses her aside. Alone and pregnant in a large city is the last thing she wants. It's time for her to go home.


It wasn't easy making the decision to pack up his daughter and move to small town nowhere, but he did. He moved for a better job, knowing it would give his daughter more opportunities. Then she comes walking into the diner he and his daughter are eating out. He takes one look and knows that his life is going to change, but is he ready for that?

Home is where the heart is.

Picture Perfect: Book Twenty-Two


Even though they fight, they're happy. She thought so at least. Getting pregnant at sixteen wasn't in her plans, but it happened and they made it work. She finished high school and college. She started her career. She thought they were happy, but something happens and everything she though was perfect turns out to be a nightmare. 


One mistake changes the course of his life. He fell in love with the girl and made a mistake that gave him their daughter. He would do anything for his little family, and he did. Another mistake changes his life once again, and this time, he's not sure if it'll ever be the same again. This doesn't mean he's going to give up on keeping his life the way it is. 

Nothing is as perfect as it seems.