Book One: Pregnant by the Alpha

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She’s always dreamed of finding her ‘one’ that will love her for the rest of her life. She’s an overworked nurse and her best friend decides they both need a night out. Little did she know that she would finally meet her one.


He’s the Alpha of their pack. Their family has been around for generations and now that they don’t have to hide who they really are, they’re here to stay and make sure that humans and supernatural beings alike can live in peace. This is easier said than done though.

Book Two: My Quarterback Shifter

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Michigan’s best quarterback. He’s been wanted by multiple teams, but he decided to stay close to home where his friends and family resides. He’s been on the team for a long time, being that shifters age a lot slower than humans. He remembers the coaches daughter and was completely shocked when he found out she was his mate when she came home to help with the game.


She is the daughter of the head coach of the team in Michigan. She’s always loved helping her dad out on the field. She’s all about family and doesn’t pass up the chance to go out on the field with her dad when she returns home from college. Finished with her degree, she’s ready to start her life. She didn’t plan for the change of Draxton Holiday coming into her life.

Book Three: Her Shifter Protector

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He’s the youngest of his brothers and is the most level-headed of them. His brothers all know when to keep their head about them, but he’s the one that always seems so serious. That’s why when his mate comes in looking for protection, his life is thrown into disarray. He’s used to keeping his head on straight, but when his mate is the one in danger, it seems that’s a battle all on its own.


She never wanted her sisters life. A loveless, arranged marriage. She wants to be with someone because she loves them. She wants to choose who she’s to spend the rest of her life with. After almost being caught a few times, she goes to a security company for protection. She gets her protection, but she gets more than just protection.

Book Four: His Psychic Shifter

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She’s known who her mate was since she was a teenager and came into her psychic powers. She just couldn’t go to him when she wanted to. She had to wait until it was their time to be together. Seeing what will happen in the future, everything has to go as planned and if she were to go to her mate when she found out who she was, would have thrown everything out of balance.


He’s ready to come home for a while and be with his friends and family…and maybe, just maybe, meet the one that is destined to be his. Now that he’s home, he wants to figure out what’s next for him. What he doesn’t know, is that his mate is right around the corner and she has information about some upcoming events.

Book Five: Falling For The Shifter

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She loves hard and falls easy. It just happened to be her downfall in the past. The one that she thought she loved and that loved her, betrayed her in the worst way possible. Now, she doesn’t trust anyone. She doesn’t think she ever will again. Until he comes along…even then, she tries to fight the feelings she has for him.


He never imagined having to fight for his mate to accept him. He always thought he would find her, and it would be an instant connection. However, that’s not how it went. His mate was scared to love again, and he plans to prove her wrong. He just hopes that it doesn’t take to long. After all, they have battles to face and they have just begun.

Book Six: His Demon Shifter

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She’s different. She’s a shifter, but she’s also half demon. From the time she was born, she’s always been told that she was an abomination. She was never supposed to be born. She always thought she would never be blessed with a mate. She went through her life being isolated from everyone. Ultimately, that caused her to have self-esteem issues and become a loner. However, the Goddess do things for a reason and she’s a key part in the future


He has been watching as each of his friends find their mates and he’s getting antsy about finding his. When he does find her, he doesn’t expect what he finds, but he doesn’t plan to let her go either. There’s nothing wrong with being different and he knows that his friends will accept her for what she is as well. She’ll finally have the family that she always wanted, and he’ll move mountains to give her what she wants.

Book Seven: My Shifter Bestfriend 

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She’s had a crush on him for as long as she could remember. That’s way she had to go away. She took a job across the country because she couldn’t stand to watch him with different girls any longer. However, it’s time for her to come home. She’s kept in touch with Blaise since she’s been gone and he’s still her best friend, but when she comes home and finds out that he’s her mate…will he accept it?


He hated when she left, but he let her go. You know what they say, if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s meant to be. Even though he kept in touch with her when she was gone, he still missed his best friend and the only girl that he’s ever given his heart to. She’s finally coming home and when they lock eyes after years of being apart, he couldn’t be happier to find out that she’s his mate.

Book Eight: My Sisters Shifter

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He knows she’s not his mate, but that didn’t stop him from developing feelings for her. Everything changes when he walks into her family home. His mate is there and before he can even think, she’s running away. That won’t work for him.


She’s been gone for a few years doing what she loves. Helping others. Her family decided to have a coming home party for her, and she finally gets to meet the man that has captured her big sisters heart. Everything changes the moment he walks into the house and she’s not sure if it’s for the best or not.

Book Nine: Catching the Shifter

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After being invited to go to the final game of the year, she can’t pass that up. She manages to get the time off work and a babysitter for her son to enjoy the time with her friend. However, she left with more than she came to the game with.


He’s been helping get the hospital that his family bought in order all the while keeping up with his team. He’s ready for some downtime. It’s the last game of the season and his friends and family are all there to support him. However, he didn’t expect to find his mate at the game…it does make it hard to concentrate on the game when all he wants to do is go to her and hold her in his arms.

Book Ten: A Shifters Holiday

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She owns her own catering company and it just so happens that her company was hired to cater the annual Christmas party that the Larson’s hold each year. One thing leads to another and she’s pushed into the tree…You could say that the day didn’t start out as the best of days.


He can’t wait to go to the Annual Larson Christmas party. He has a feeling this year will be different. He didn’t know exactly how, but he wasn’t expecting to meet his beloved tangled up in the Christmas tree. He couldn’t ask for a better present than her.

Book Eleven: His Runaway Witch

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She didn’t mean to run into the one that was meant to be hers, but they did, and she had to leave. It wasn’t their time. It could have changed things for the worst, but luckily for them, it didn’t. Seeing the hurt on his face as she ran, made her want to risk it all and go back to him instantly, but she couldn’t. Not yet at least.


He has been searching for his mate since the day she ran away from him, but he hasn’t had any luck with finding her. There had to be a reason why she left, and he won’t rest until he finds her and gets the answers. He’s determined to find her and will leave no stone unturned. He didn’t expect her to just walk into the bar one night…but she did and now he can finally get the answers he has been wanting for years.

Book Twelve: The Final Fight

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It’s here. The fight that has been brewing for decades. It’s finally time for the children to fight on the front lines with the help of their parents. However, they will be taking point on it. Their parents are just there for backup. Will they be able to complete their destinies? Or will it all be for not?

Book Thirteen: The New World

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The battles are over. The war is complete. It’s time to move on and rebuild all that was destroyed. It’s time to get everyone settled in the new communities. The New World has been completed and now it’s just time for everyone to move on with their lives for the better.