My Family's Betrayal

“I can see it now. You’re going to be the end for me.” - Garrett 

Stephanie was a pregnancy that was seen as a mistake. She was used as the family punching bag. On the morning of her eighteenth birthday she makes her way to her biological fathers home.

What will happen when she shows up at his door and he learns that she is his daughter? Will he be able to heal her from what she has been through?

What happens when she meets the man that was there when she was most vulnerable? Will they fall in love? Will they just become good friends? Will they heal each other. What happens when Stephanie's past comes back to the forefront?

Lupa Di Bella

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She's always been different. She's the Lupa Di Bella. She's meant to do great things with her life. She also ends up having five mates. How will having five mates work? Being the youngest of eleven children, she's seen her siblings and their mates, so she has a general idea of how it is having a mate, but nothing can prepare her for having five dominate mates. How will January handle it? What are they meant to do?

Alpha Baine

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Paxton is dealing with the loss of her husband. It still feels fresh after five years. She'll never get completely over it. She has a daughter and twin boys to take care of alone.

Will she find love again?

Baine has been Alpha of the BluMoon pack for five years and it has killed him everyday to not be with the love of his life and their children. What happens when he has a run in with Paxton?

Will he be able to convince her of why he had to keep his identity and the truth about him for so long? Will he be able to get the love of his life back?

What happens when the man she thought to be dead for the past five years is actually alive? Will Paxton be able to handle his truth? Will she be able to forgive and forget or atheist forgive him for his secret?


The Mob Wife

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She's a girl who loves and trusts too easy and, in the end, she ended up the one broken. She thought the one she gave something that can never be returned was the one for her. She fell for his charm. It turns out that she wasn't the snake charmer, just his prey.

He watched her from afar. Then a meeting when she's coming back home changes everything for both of them. He plans to show her how a woman should be treated. If she'll let him, that is. 

Their Meek Mate

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After losing her brother suddenly, everything changes for Brooklynn.

She's always been an outcast, a loner, but not with her brother. He always made her feel like she belonged, like she was included.

When she's forced to move from the only home she's ever known by her parents, things change once again. This time in a good way.

Even though her life changed as she knew it, things start to slowly look up when she finds that she belongs with this group of three. They heal a piece of her that she didn't think would ever be healed.

Laters, Baby