Abused but Strong

Quote - "Even in death I am strong; a survivor until the very end" ~ Demi to Hannah ~

Being the eldest of the infamous Mason Mafia comes with a lot of responsibility. Demi was happy with the way her life was going. She had her husband and her family. What more could she want? She was set to take her fathers place in only a few short months, but it seems that fate had other plans for her life. 

Taking Charge

He's the second child. He was only mean to be his sisters second in command. Now, the responsibility of the head of the family is on his shoulders. With things being thrown at the family left and right, things aren't as easy as Kai was hoping they would. Add in the contact and things get more complicated. It's time for him to take charge and with a new friend, it may be easier than he thought. 

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are what we follow in our lives. Whether they're the ones that were set out for us at birth, or the ones that have made their selves known over the years of decisions made. Evan decides that he's going to choose his own path. He's going to choose his own way, with its own stepping stones. With the support of his family, can they overcome everything that gets thrown their way, past and present?

Breaking Free

He's always had a secret. It's not easy for him to admit to his family who he really is inside. It's not easy to admit it anyone. Not everyone agrees with this. Some think it can be 'cured', that it's a decision, or a choice, but it's not. Parker has always wanted to be true to who he was. He's known who he is for a long time now. He just hopes that his family will support him. Sometimes breaking free is better than staying hidden in the dark. Life has a funny way of surprising you. 

Beautiful Lies

The thing about lies is...they always have a way of coming to light. One lie turns into another and then another, but for Sierra, it doesn't end as she would have hoped. She's always been given what she wanted, except for what her sister has. She wants him and she'll stop at nothing to get him for herself. Power is what she wants, but you don't always get what you want.