Book One: Loved Then Betrayed

She was finally on her own. She was ready to experience life away from the club. She has a full course load and the determination to finish school early. 


She was ready to throw herself into her studies and forget about the one man that made her heart beat out of her chest. She couldn't stay there and watch them any longer.

She didn't think she would ever find someone to replace her one true love, but then he showed up. Things were great at first, but in the end, it was life and death.

Is it too late to make it out alive?

Book Two: The Silence

Graduate school early? Check.


Get into med-school? Check.

School then home. That's her everyday routine.


By day, she's your typical teenager.


By night, she's The Silencer.

She's the best assassin there is out there. While she goes through high school and college, she's still able to become the most feared assassin alive.

Book Three: Loved, Humiliated, Survived

She thought he truly loved her.


Her fifteen-year-old mind believed everything he told her.


One thing leads to another and the outcome of that one time has him humiliating her in front of the entire school.

Her parents find out about her secret and she's on her own with nowhere to go. Fifteen and a baby on the way.

What will she do? Will she survive? Can she do this on her own?

Book Four: Judged

Bullied and judged. She's always been overweight. It seems that nothing she does works to take the weight away. Her fellow classmates love to point out that she's nothing but a fat cow. No one would ever want her.

She's not only overweight in high school, she's also nineteen and a senior. That doesn't get her bullied as much as being bigger does.

Then he comes around and she has hope that everything has changed, but in the end, it doesn't. After all, hopes are just dreams, and not all come true.

Book Five: Shadow Angel

Losing one parent isn't easy, but losing both parents one the same day is even worse. She wasn't very old, only six. She didn't understand what was happening.
Why weren't her mommy and daddy coming home?
Why did she have to move? All questions that didn't get answered.

She's the second best assassin in the world. After the loss of her parents, she was sent away to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Shortly after she was trained to become the killer she is. She's been forced to become the Shadow Angel.

Book Six: Alone

She's never felt like she belonged. Surrounded by people, she still feels alone.

She's never known her father, just the men that her mother brings around. When she asks about who he is, her mother doesn't answer. She just slaps her around and tells her not to ask about it again. What's the big secret?

She wants to find somewhere where she belongs, but she can't do that until she turns eighteen and finally finds out who her father is. Although the ladder is easier said than done.

Book Seven: Trapped

Her life wasn't always like this. They were happy once. He loved her and made sure to show her every chance he got.

He changed overnight. Gone was the loving husband she knew. In his place was an abusive man that she didn't know.

She's trapped in an abusive marriage with nowhere to go. Will she forever be trapped?

Book Eight: Her Sisters Shadow

Stuck in the dark.
Forced to be in her sisters shadow.

She's always been at the back of everyone's minds. Anything she did went unnoticed, unless it was bad.
Anything her sister did, good or bad, she got praised for it while she got her sisters punishment.

Always stuck in her sisters shadow. Is there a way out?

Book Nine: Override

Growing up in the lower class, she had to do everything to make sure her brother was taken care of. Even if that meant becoming one of the best hackers in the world.

She earned her name fair and square. She can override pretty much anything. Except for the Broken Angels, MC. She's made it her task to crack their codes, but it's proving harder than she thought.

What started off as something to do to make sure she and her brother were taken care of turned into a fulltime job. She became Override. The hacker of the Mason Family Mafia.

Book Ten: Overcoming Loss

She grew up around the MC. She was best friends with the Presidents daughter. She was happy. She had a great husband who was an even better father. Then everything changed.

She couldn't stay around after the loss of her husband. She left to go stay with her parents. Now, she's a single mother of two children.

Love isn't on her radar any time soon. However, things tend happen that are least expected. Can she give in to the man that wants to mend her broken heart, or will her grief keep her from moving forward?

Fighting for Redemption

Fighting to get back what she once had isn't going to be easy. She wants her family back. She doesn't know when everything went wrong, but she has no choice but to figure it out if she wants to be in her sons lives. In and out of rehab after being spared for double crossing the BAMC, she's looking to fight for what she wants. Even if she can't have the one man she has always loved back. Who knows, there may be something better out there for her in the end. Life is always unexpected.